Featured Member for April: Lake and Valley Optical

We reached out to Wayne from Lake & Valley Optical to tap into his expertise as a store owner and gain insights into the success of his optical store and their practices.

We service our customers by doing a few things,

  • Never sell. We look at providing the most appropriate selection of options and information that we think service the needs of the customer and let them decide on the one they think best suits their needs.
  • Wherever possible, we treat our customers like friends. Look for ways to connect with them beside the fact they are in our practice. Be genuine and find a subject that we both enjoy talking about. 
  • Do the little things. Walk them to the door and open it for them, hold the seat they’re about to sit in, explain the process in a way they understand. Look for ways to make an impression and create a memory that don’t involve eyecare and eyewear. Eyewear and eyecare are easy for us, it’s the other little things that make us different to everyone else.
  • Be real and informative. Always try, but don’t be fake or negative. As a team we all try to great each customer individually as well as when they leave. As if we are all serving them. Provide information that’s relevant to their needs and always leave on a positive.

We’ve found the best ways to stay updated include the following,

  • Speak with reps. Lens, frame and equipment reps are always keen to share information about their world if you ask.
  • Look through industry publications for advancements and updates that may provide benefits.
  • Take part in webinars like those from Optical Dispensers Australia (ODA). Suppliers and industry specialist provide insight into updates in technology, products and fashion.

As an independent business we don’t subscribe to KPI’s, but we do have a volume target for the amount of appointments in each practice. If we have the appointments and serve our customers as described above, the sales will follow. We rather spend the time with the customer than with collecting data and recording something after it’s happened. Spend the time on the customer and rest will follow.

Our Optometrist has made visits to the local GP’s and we’ve done visits to local over 55’s villages to provide information, adjustments and conversation about us and how we can help them. With the rise in the amount of these villages, we see them as an opportunity to connect with a community in one place. Provide a service with information and conversation, no selling, and they will remember when the opportunity is needed for them to attend our practice.

Technology is always changing, and we need to keep updated and remain current to be valued. An online presence is key to brand awareness. Short of using call to action promotions we see our online presence as a newspaper ad that is always there. Keep it current, informative, and consistent to give it value and maintain positive exposure.

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