standing alongside independent optical stores & optical dispensers

unbeatable pricing, partnership & community

Eyebenefit can assist you and your business to stay competitive, profitable and well connected within the forever evolving optical industry.

For more than 10 years now, Eyebenefit has been operating as an optical buying group for independent owner-operated optical stores.

Free to join with zero ongoing membership fees, Eyebenefit partners with leading optometry suppliers to secure significant savings and exclusive deals for our members. By joining our community you will unlock access to limitless business support.

We love Eyebenefit!

They provide excellent and cost effective marketing with their marketing rebate system that is an easy process and looks great.

The social connections and support are amazing and as a regional practice we are so thankful for the connections we have made to continue to support each other in our businesses, especially through the challenging times.

Wangaratta Eyecare

Being a member of Eyebenefit is not just about discounts and savings. It’s about community and support. Working together as an industry is essential for business growth and success in a challenging market place.

quite simply, we are
stronger together.

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I have been a member of Eyebenefit for over 3 years.

The beauty of EyeBenefit is that whilst they have managed to negotiate deals that as a sole trader I could never hope to match, I am not locked into any one supplier. I really do have the luxury of choice.



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