rebate program

eyesupport rebate program

The Eyesupport Rebate Program is just one of many ways Eyebenefit members can reach their small business potential. By opting in on this additional service, members unlock a whole new world of saving.

By reinvesting a percentage of your combined total spending with our participating suppliers Eyebenefit injects that straight back into your business! This rebate converts into a store credit that can be spent on any services featured within the Eyebenefit Support Hub.

Allowing members to grow, develop and market their business without breaking the budget!

As with every aspect of an Eyebenefit Membership – you are in control, so you decide where you would like your rebate credits to be spent to best boost your business profile.

Want to know more? Please reach out to us.

services your rebate can be used towards are:

Direct Mail

Mobile Marketing

Website Design

Branded Printing

Cleaning Cloths

Retail Bags

Social Media

See our full range of marketing services at the Eyebenefit Support Hub.

The support and design team at Eyebenefit are fantastic. As an Optometrist it is wonderful to have access to a dedicated design and marketing team which allows me the time to focus on what I do best. Keep up the good work.

EYE ENVY Optometrist