Consistent branding for independent optometry

The saying ‘consistency is key’ can be applied to so many aspects of life and business. But for your independent optometry store, it couldn’t be truer when it comes to your branding. This may seem obvious but is definitely easier said than done for most of us. If you go looking, you will likely spot at least one inconsistency in your branding. With your logo, colour scheme and messaging live on so many platforms and interfaces, it is crucial for your branding to match across the board.

Inconsistencies in branding can be seriously damaging to your reputation and undo all the hard work that you do instore provide a high-quality, professional service. This blog aims to help you to not only understand consistent branding but to audit and address any inconsistencies you may discover in the process.

So, what is consistent branding?

Branding relates to how you present your business to the wider community, where consistency comes into it, is achieving unity across how your brand is perceived via all your consumer touchpoints. This may not seem like the biggest deal, but in fact it is in your best interests to aim to achieve consistent branding.

Benefits of consistent branding include:

  • Building trust in your brand by displaying to your consumers that you take pride in your work and care how your business is perceived by your community.
  • Improves brand recognition which in turn increases patient retention in your practice.
  • Helping you to stand out from your competitors and become a leader within the local optical industry.

Where is your brand is displayed?

When you think about where your brand is displayed, a few obvious ones come to mind such as your shop front, website, and business cards. However, there are so many more spots that can go by under your radar, and this is where inconsistencies arise the most. If you look a little deeper you will notice that you have branding in places you don’t even register to, such as your email signature, on your lens cloths or retail bags, you may have a long-running advertisement in a local newspaper or magazine. The list goes on and on, radio ads, patient education materials, social media platforms, online booking portals etc. No doubt we now have you thinking, and this is where we would encourage you to complete a little audit of the branding you are purveying to the world, taking particular notice of the state of it.

How to achieve consistent branding?

You need to consider aspects such as your colour scheme, your logo, and a consistent tone and voice in your communications. Consistently branded messaging shows to your community and potential clientele that you know exactly who you are as a business and conveys that you are confident in the service that you deliver. It provides a sense of professionalism that is comforting for individuals considering eye care with your optometry practice. If a consumer is on the hunt for a new optometrist, based purely on a quick search consumers may opt for another optometrist due to the professionalism they note in the branding of the options their search provides them. Given this, it is very much in your interest to dedicate some attention to this space.

Sometimes it can be very difficult to look at your brand from an outsider’s perspective, and this is perfectly understandable because you live it and breathe it every single day. However, as a result, it can make it tough to pinpoint any flaws within your branding or to come up with solutions to fix issues you may have noted. That is where we can help.

Our range of marketing services is filled with tools to help you. We offer digital audits, brand refreshers and much more. If you are looking to improve your brand consistency and don’t know where to start, we will be more than happy to help.

Simply reach out to us, let us know what you are most concerned about and where you need assistance, and we will support you to display a confident, bold, professional business to your consumer and potential consumer base in no time at all. We promise you won’t regret it!

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