New Year, New Benefits, New Campaign Opportunities!

Every year as we bid the year that was a fond farewell, we welcome in the fresh slate a new year brings.  During this time, we promise ourselves many things, personally, professionally, physically and mentally.  Whether you are a new year’s resolution person or not, you can’t deny the fresh energy that seems to come following the festive season break. 

Why not channel this energy into your customers with a New Year Rebate Reset Campaign.  We know, that may sound like an odd concept particularly as UIOLI campaigns at the end of the year are so prominent in the optical industry.  But alas, this opportunity isn’t one to let pass, especially if the last year got away from you and the UIOLI campaign you had envisaged never quite got off the ground.

Start with a solid plan

A successful campaign requires a clear vision.  At the end of the day, we can guide you with options, but you must decide yourself the nitty gritty details on how/when/what/who. We see two major options with a rebate reset campaign, either a stand-alone campaign or a rebate reset reminder built into a recall campaign.  This is the first major decision you need to make. Perhaps you like the sound of an “out with the old, in with the new” stand-alone style campaign.  Or maybe you want to bottle people’s newfound energy and remind them that preventative healthcare is the best healthcare, so they should pop in to see your optometrist with a recall style campaign.

Sweeten the deal

In the wise words of Mary Poppins, a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down!   Entice your customers in store with something a little more, the most successful campaigns we have observed have included a limited time special offer.  It could be something as simple as a percentage discount, 2 pairs for $199 for instance or even a simple $20 off. If monetary based offers are not something you are comfortable with or in a position to offer, consider value adding.  Throw in an added bonus, could be something practical like a free glasses case with each purchase or in the current climate perhaps some antifog solution to make glasses and mask wearing a breeze for your patients.  Whatever you decide, make sure it holds pride of place in your campaign material.

Attack from all angles

As a healthcare provider, it is safe to assume your clientele come from all walks of life, reaching out to a varied group of people takes careful consideration.  The easiest way to achieve a broad campaign reach is through a multifaceted marketing approach.  Utilising a range of media methods allows you to reach out to even your most unique of clients.  We recommend the use of MMS/SMS, direct mail marketing, and some in store displays.  This way customers without a mobile phone number listed with your practice for instance won’t miss out!  Using in store displays is also a great way to invite in new patients, by boasting your offer in your shopfront windows people walking by will be prompted to come and spend with you.

Use the tools offered to you

Our suppliers are our campaign best friends.  With an endless range of offers and promotional materials, supplier content can really take the guess work out of your marketing.  The best part, you don’t have to search far and wide, this content is all available to members via the Eyebenefit Support Hub.  Content featured in the Support Hub is constantly reviewed and updated, so you can rest assured that you have access to all the most recent offers.  Including supplier-based content in your campaign invokes a sense of professionalism for your target audience.  It also shows that you are committed to using quality tried and tested products within your practice.

Stocktake and stock up

Before kicking off your campaign it is important to run a quick in store stocktake.  The last thing you want to have to combat is running low or out of stock midway through your campaign.  Take a look back on previous campaigns to see how much excess stock sold, use this to make an estimate of how much you will need to order in before the campaign kicks off.  Where possible, do this sooner rather than later to avoid running into any supply chain hiccups.

If you are stuck on the fence with whether or not you should jump in, our best advice is to reach out to some fellow industry peers who have run recent campaigns.  Find out how they went about it and how they coped with the influx of patients, through these conversations you will discover what works and what doesn’t.  All campaigns are different and truthfully, have varying levels of success, the way you market your campaign however forms the foundations for success to follow. 

If you decide a New Year Campaign is for you but you simply don’t have the time to set it up, we can do it all for you! 
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