New Year, New Benefits, New Campaign Opportunities!

Every year as we bid the year that was a fond farewell, we welcome in the fresh slate a new year brings. During this time, we promise ourselves many things, personally, professionally, physically and mentally. Whether you are a new year’s resolution person or not, you can’t deny the fresh energy that seems to come following the festive season break.

Why not channel this energy into your customers with a New Year Rebate Reset Campaign.

SMS & MMS Marketing

You can’t deny it, the digital age has created extraordinary convenience when it comes to getting a reminder, asking a question, or simply getting a message or offer across. SMS or MMS messaging is quick, simple, reaches a wide audience and is super cost effective.

With that in mind, we thought we should share some of our hot tips for creating a successful messaging campaign!

101 Guide to Social Media Success for Independent Optometry Practices

Hashtags, Algorithms, DMs, Likes, Shares and Tags – a language of which most us don’t naturally speak. To alleviate some of the confusion in this realm we have listed the most important things to consider for your channels.

Check out our social media guide blog to start making your profiles sing!

Maximise your Use it or Lose it Campaign

Marketing seems to cause headaches for a lot of our members – we get it, there is so much pressure and just so many marketing do’s, don’ts, how to’s and so called ‘experts’ that constantly make the task even more difficult than it already is.

We have developed this quick little 5 point journey with simplicity in mind, so that you can not only head in the right direction with marketing your practice, but in fact you can begin to shine!