Maximise your Use it or Lose it Campaign

As we race towards the end of year once again, it is time to get planning your Use it or Lose it Campaign for 2021! 

Majority of health fund benefits reset on the 31st of December; giving you the perfect opportunity to invite your customers in store, by encouraging them to get the most out of their health fund benefit and spend their optical extras with you!  

Here are our tips for making the most of one of the biggest marketing opportunities of the year!

Start planning today

As the old saying goes ~ the early bird catches the worm!
Although we aren’t dealing with worms here, a rushed campaign isn’t good for either you or your customers. By planning now, you will have sufficient time to decide on the perfect campaign message, target audience, marketing methods, timelines and how you will ultimately make the most of this campaign.

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Work smarter, not harder

Like you, your suppliers are well aware of the opportunity this time of year brings, they regularly offer savings or special deals to help stock your stores during this busy time.  Suppliers can even provide imagery to feature on your marketing materials creating a professional polished feel to your campaign.

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Add an extra layer of enticement with a special offer

Sweeten the deal and increase foot traffic through your front door with a limited time exclusive offer for your health fund patients. Over the years we have noticed that the most successful campaigns during this time feature a one-time offer such as; Buy one pair, get the second half price, 2 pairs for $199, free lens upgrade or even simply a 20% off – whatever works best for you!

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Reach all the corners of your patient cohort

Taking a targeted multimedia approach to marketing your campaign ensures that all your clientele get the message regardless of their demographic.  We recommend the use of a range of marketing methods including; social media marketing, direct mail marketing, SMS/MMS messaging, paired perfectly with some eye-catching in store displays.

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Stay professional

It can be easy to settle for the same marketing message you have used for the last 10 years, but is it outdated? A little out of touch?
Making your campaign have a professional feel can be as simple as using up-to-date branding and color schemes for your campaign imagery and employing carefully crafted wording to share your message

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Move away from shouty statements

Whilst we are on the topic of wording, be careful with CAPS LOCK!  Particularly as the past 12 months has been challenging for everyone, the last thing anyone wants is to be ‘yelled’ at to act now in a letter or message.  Instead, opt for a more comforting, welcoming tone that invites your customers in when crafting your campaign message

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Get help where you can

We all know that many hands make light work.  Share the load by outsourcing your biggest campaign stressors. Unsure how to create an eye-catching MMS? Bring in a graphic designer.  Struggle to find that perfect way to say what you feel? Reach out to a copywriter.  Lack overall campaign inspiration? Talk to your industry peers and suppliers.  Stuck on all of the above – simply reach out to us!

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Eyebenefit specialise in campaigns.  Allow us to remove the guess work for you, we will create and manage your campaign just how you want it from start to finish.  From inspiration, graphic design, copywriting support, to the delivery of your direct marketing via post or text message, our team is ready and able to assist in bringing your campaign to life!

Members can visit our Support Hub to order your campaign today


Need help with your marketing?

Eyebenefit offers assistance with Use it or Lose it Campaigns and more. We are happy to discuss them further with you – if you are interested, simply fill out the form and we’ll be in touch.

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