What makes a great optometry website and how to get one…

The majority of us turn to the internet to find local services – including an optometrist. A website is therefore vital to ensure that your customers can not only find you – but your site will also help them decide whether to choose you over the competition.

At the very least, your site should include the basic information that customers need to get in touch – your location, opening hours, services offered and how to get in touch. 

But it is easy to make your site so much more effective and attract so many more customers to your store.

With a little more work and planning, you can provide a site that truly represents your business, it’s history and your point of difference. 

What you have over the competition is your personality, personal approach, connection to the community and top-notch service. You can communicate all these things through your website and give your patients a real idea of what to expect when they make an appointment with you. 

By adding a blog, FAQ, news articles, real pictures of the store and staff, your latest promotions and the ability to book online – all help to give your patients a sense of who you are and why they should choose you.

In the mind of a potential customer, a great optometry website is an indication of the quality of service and care that you provide.

In fact, if you think about how you choose a service, have you ever selected one business over another because of a great website that works on mobile, with all the information you needed and was easy to use? We all have.

And I promise, this is not out of your reach. We have designed dozens of websites for our members that have helped improve their professional image and attract new customers. 

We provide this service for a very reasonable cost (and don’t forget you may already have credits with us!) And we will do all the hard work for you. 

We selected a few examples of websites we have recently designed and pointed out some of the design features that make a real impact on an optometry site - all of which are easy to implement for your business.

Mudgeeraba Optical

  • Clear and obvious calls-to-action at the top of the page with your phone number easily visible and clickable.
  • Photos of actual store and staff – not stock images. Gives a real sense of what to expect. 
  • Friendly and approachable pictures of you and your staff to show how welcoming you are. 
  • Professional aesthetic on the website that matches their in-store branding. This provides consistency for customers at all touch points with your business.

Blue Frog

  • The ability to book online with the click of a button.
  • Clearly pointing out their points of difference from competitors.
  • Show the well-known brands you supply using their recognisable logo or images. This is not only great advertising but makes your store more credible by association.

Kellyville Optical

  • Fast loading 
  • Great mobile responsive site
  • Image focussed 
  • The site is accessible for people with problems with their vision. Large fonts, white space, clear buttons, large fields on the contact form. 

Eye Envy Optometrists

  • Highlight key services in a visual and clear way so customers can get a snapshot of what you provide without reading through large amounts of text
  • Highlights latest promotions 
  • Testimonials and reviews are a fantastic way to show potential patients how much your existing customers love and recommend you.
  • Clear contact details and map

Would you like to have your website updated with these features?

We offer revamps or completely new website designs for our members. Our rates are very reasonable and you can use your Eyebenefit credits towards this service.

Fill out the form if you’d like more information. We’d love to help!

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