5 quick marketing pick-me-ups for your practice

Marketing seems to cause headaches for a lot of our members – we get it, there is so much pressure and just so many marketing do’s, don’ts, how to’s and so called ‘experts’ that constantly make the task even more difficult than it already is.  

We have developed this quick little 5 point journey with simplicity in mind, so that you can not only head in the right direction with marketing your practice, but in fact you can begin to shine!

Social Media

The first stop on this marketing quest is social media. We’ve all heard of it, we all know it, but are we using it? And if we are, are we maximising our potential on our platforms?

Social media is something that requires you to engage and play with to decipher works for you and your business. Both Instagram and Facebook are free to use and the vast majority of todays population will hold an account with either platform, and likely both. Because of this, it is truly the simplest and quickest way to expand your reach to consumers and once you have got the hang of it, the world truly is your oyster!

If you haven’t dipped your toes in the water of social media, then the best advice we can give is simply – dive in! If you have already dived, but are struggling to stay afloat, we suggest these tips to have you swimming laps in no time.

  • Utilise Canva; its free to use and you can create professional looking posts from by utilising their templates and adding your branding
  • Experiment with different types of posts such as; eye health tips, latest promotions from suppliers, jokes/memes, staff profiles and behind the scenes work
  • Once you have found your lane in this game, you can delve into social media more strategically and potentially even introduce paid advertising

Google My Business

The next port of call on this little marketing adventure, is a realm known as Google My Business.  

Have you noticed the business listings that appear at the top of a Google Search? Eye-catching right? 

These standout advertisements are as a result of the free service known as “Google My Business”. This tool boosts your online presence by prioritising your business when corresponding SEO words are entered into the Google search engine. 

Registering with Google Business is a quick and straightforward task, simply open a free account by following the prompts via this link https://www.google.com/business/.  You will then receive a postcard in the mail to verify that your business exists, and from there you can go right ahead and create your profile.  It is important to feature key information in your profile such as; contact details, opening hours, business category, where possible use your company logo, colour scheme and images of your business to create a visual brand awareness for searchers.  Your customers can also leave reviews on this profile, this can be a valuable addition to help potential new customers to chose your business over another.  

It is important to regularly review your listing.  Not only does it allow you to read and reply to customer reviews, you are able to post updates about your practice that are important for your customers to know.  Regularly logging in and engaging with this page will also remind Google that you are active, this prioritises your business over others in the search algorithm. 

Digital Health Check

We all recognise the importance of health, I mean let’s be real here, we send our patients reminders for their optical health check ups every year. 

But do we take care of our own business health, particularly the digital aspects of your business? Don’t fret, we know it’s easy to forget! 

That’s why we recommend getting a digital health check. 

A digital health check is best outsourced to avoid bias and to receive accurate, valid and comprehensive feedback.

Although it may seem a tad daunting to pay someone to delve into your every online activity including your social media, website and Google business listing.  We promise it is truly a refreshing experience.  

Following the digital deep dive, your digital healthcare professional will provide you with a report detailing exactly what’s working and what’s not.  It gets better though, they will also provide you with ideas and solutions to whip your digital health into tip top shape!

From there you will be able to confidently prioritise where to direct your marketing energy and rest assured you will see the results. 

Mix It Up

They say change is as good as a holiday, but stepping out of your comfort zone in marketing can be difficult.

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut of using your well known, tried and tested marketing methods.

Although comfortable for you, without an occasional change your marketing messages can lose the eye-catching charm they once had.

To combat marketing fatigue for your customers, we encourage you to regularly mix things up!

A little shake up here and there will help you to cut through the thousands of messages that customers are exposed to every day and really grab consumer attention.

One simple mix up method we have been loving lately, is the use of animated gifs. Sounds simple doesn’t it? Guess what……it is!

Done well, animated gifs really do catch people’s attention, people comment this to us regularly.

Gifs are a dynamic tool that you can use across SMS messages, social media, email newsletters and even in-store with a digital display.

Not only do they look great, professional and capture the attention of your audience, they are all round just fun!

Make a Lasting Impression

Here is our final stop on this little whirlwind marketing journey.

Speaking of final stops, when you consider your customers’ journey with you, often the last stop is when they pick up their new glasses!

This is the perfect opportunity for you to reinforce your brand.

Creating a joyful moment when handing over new frames for your customers leaves them feeling spoilt and confident. Not only is that the ultimate mood booster for your patients but it ensures that they will visit you again, and possibly even recommend you to their friends and family.

There are simple ways in which you can leave this lasting impression that travels beyond just good old fashioned customer service.

Promote your business through the use of branded packaging and uniquely styled cleaning cloths, why not even consider printed postcards with care instructions or referral offers featured on them!

These measures may seem simple, but they are so effective in optimising brand recognition and marketing to a wider audience via your patients.

Thank you for joining us on this quick little marketing pick-me-up tour.  We hope you have gained some easy to implement tips!  All of the above are sure to have a positive impact for your practice without breaking the bank – perfect really! 

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