What you see is what you get – let your optical expertise & passion shine through your shopfront windows!

We have said it before, and we will say it again, first impressions last.  What you portray to the outside world through your shopfront windows can help or hinder impressions you pass on to current or future patients in your practice.  Eye-catching creative window displays will invite, tempt and entice consumers in through your front doors.  Regularly updating and changing your window displays to match the seasons and new collections will keep you relevant, but also shows the world that you are professional and in touch with the latest and greatest.  We have thrown together a few ideas to help get you started with your next window display and have you providing the public a visual gateway into your store.

Colour your world

Whatever your design theme, colour is key to bringing it to life.   If you chose for instance to change your window display with the seasons, let the seasonal colours shine through.  For example – when in summer, feature bright hues such as yellows, greens and blues.  Autumn should include earthy tones to reflect the shift between the heat of summer to the cool winter, and of course those falling autumn leaves.  Expand on the atmospheric chill of winter with some crisp whites, silvers and rainy blue tones.  For spring, think of the transition from the cooler tones, and bring about some gentle warmth with some pastel colours.  If you decide your window displays will coincide with new collections from your suppliers, match the colour scheme to the collections chosen spectrum for that extra air of professionalism.  Whichever way you chose to go with your next window display, don’t be afraid of colour, be bold and confident with your choice!

Boost with supplier materials

Your suppliers are rich with content that is ready to display to the world.  In fact, they want you to do just that to promote their products, particularly if there is something new in their portfolio.  We are huge fans of the old “work smarter, not harder”, if you are struggling for window display inspo let the content you receive from suppliers be the foundation of your display.  Whilst matching the content may seem like taking the easy road out, it actually will have you presenting a very professional image to the world.  Lean on the colour schemes, and patterns within supplier posters or store merchandising to guide your display.  You will please everyone in doing so, and you won’t have to come up with an idea all on your own – everyone is a winner!  Just get in touch with your sales rep, or visit our Support Hub to get your hands on the latest promo materials!


Get creative with window art

If you have an upcoming promotion or sale within your practice, why not jazz it up a little with the use of window paint or adhesive window decals.  This may seem a little daunting and detrimental or difficult to clean when your promotion is complete.  However, it is quite the opposite, signwriters are equipped to make your window design vision come to life.  They utilise easy to remove window paint, so when the promotion has ended you can efficiently and easily remove the design with household window cleaning items.  Window decals commonly these days adhere to surfaces with static.  What this means, is that there is zero sticky adhesive, making application, repositioning and removal, even re-use an absolute dream! Even more dreamy, is that you can order these through our Support Hub and our savvy marketing team will not only design them for you, they will even organise printing and have them delivered straight to your door!

Prop it like it’s hot!

Why not add a little more flare by playing about with props.  Truly when it comes to props the options extend as far as the creative mind will reach.  From more traditional decorative props such as; balloons, florals, ribbons, lighting, vases and bust/head mannequins all the way to less obvious things like household cleaning products like mop heads to stand in as face and bright coloured gloves or sponges to hang instead of balloons.  Whatever your theme, let your props bring out your store’s personality, if you have quirky vibes inside, let them show on the outside, if your target client group is business professionals, let them know you’re for them by tailoring your store front to attract them inside.  One thing to ensure with the use of props, is not to go too overboard, we don’t want to overwhelm your clients or for your key messages to get lost in your display.  Sometimes we do find that less can be more.

If you are not naturally of the creative mind, a fresh window display may feel like a task out of your reach.  However, you will likely find, firstly, that you are not alone, and secondly, you may unlock your inner creative side once you get started, or that one of your staff or family members has some hidden design talents.  If you are lacking inspiration, check out the retail stores in your area, inspiration doesn’t specifically have to come from another optical business.  We recommend checking out Pinterest too if you want a bit more inpso and you will even find some ‘how to’ guides! 

Needing supplier content or some specific printing completed to kick your design off?  Just get in touch via our Support Hub – we’d be more than happy to help!              

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