Unlock a new level of accuracy & efficiency with barcoding

As a buying group with a large member cohort, we have the privilege of seeing how each individual practice within our community runs.  There are often large differences in how owners have chosen to setup and manage their stores.  We have noticed an increase recently of owners moving to a barcoded stock system, and the feedback from this transition has been nothing but positive.  If you are not already utilising barcodes throughout your practice, or have newly commenced using them, this blog is perfect for you to grasp a better understanding of barcode use and how to get the most out of your systems.  Simply put, barcoding streamlines your whole stock handling process.  From order, to stock input, to in store tracking, to handover of stock to the consumer, barcoding makes every transaction in this timeline seamless. 

Sense of professionalism

Barcoding also invokes a sense of professionalism for your customers.  As endearing as handwritten price tags may seem, they can easily be misread, time consuming and there is no efficient way to trace stock movements with them.  Once setup, your barcoded products will link straight in to your Practice Management System, this allows for you to easily see which lenses or frames your patients have previously had when accessing their profiles.  This we have found is most successful if you are using the Optomate Practice Management System.  Whilst Sunix does have this capacity too, it is not quite as easily navigated, however we have been informed that Sunix is soon to have an upgrade which is to improve its barcode compatibility features.

Minimise human error

The use of barcodes throughout your practice will minimise human error often encountered during stock ordering processes.  We all know that regardless of how thorough yourself or your staff are, there are always ordering errors that occur, which can end up quite costly to your business.  With a barcode integrated lens ordering system, you can avoid a lot of this.  Via an Eyetalk digital subscription, you are able to download the entire catalogue of lens codes into your system.  From here you can develop a list of your most used and most popular lens types and coatings with your practice, then link all of these to an individualised barcodes.  This will automatically align the correct lab code to the product, which when ordering, removes that element of human error.  Further to this, using Optomate Touch as an example, you are able to download frame e-catalogues from participating suppliers.  This eradicates the need to time consuming data entry upon receipt of products that you have ordered.  Creating a seamless connection between the order, the lab and the practice management system.


EOFY stocktake efficiency

If you aren’t sold on barcoding yet, this last point will have you there in no time.  There are a few reasons everyone dreads the EOFY.  One of the biggest of those is the dreaded EOFY stocktake.  Did you just shudder hearing that word? Well shudder no more, barcodes!! That’s right, barcodes will even make stocktake simple.  Instead of meticulously counting every piece of stock you have in store, and matching it against an itemised list, you will be able to efficiently scan your products and they will automatically be counted against the numbers in the system, any discrepancies in stock numbers found will be easily viewed right away.

Setting up a barcoded practice takes a fair amount of time and energy initially, however, we promise you’re once set up, you will quickly make that time back once you have it up and running.  Everyone we know who has implemented such a system has never looked back and loves how easy it has made management of stock.  If you are wanting to learn more about barcoding systems and how you could incorporate them into your practice, we recommend reaching out to your industry peers who are utilising them.  We can point you in the right direction if you don’t know of anyone using these technologies yet, just simply give us a call or shoot us an email to find out more!

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