cleaning cloths

Cleaning cloths are a simple yet very effective marketing strategy, and the best part – all you have to do is pop them in your customers spectacle case!  For this reason, branded cleaning cloths are an absolute must in the optical industry marketing game.

We have a range of cloths for you to select from, we will take care of the rest by organising for your logo to be incorporated into the design.

Cloth dimensions: 15 (h) x 18 (w) cm

print options

Option 1: patterned prints

Minimum order: 1 box (100 pieces)

Option 2: Logo printed

Minimum order: 10 boxes (1000 pieces)


Cleaning cloth (per piece)

45c (+GST)

Cleaning Cloths

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We currently stock 11mm, 15mm and 17mm of silicon screw and clip in symmetrically nosepads.


1 bag (25 pieces)

$10 (+GST)

special offer

Order 4 bags, receive 1 bag FREE (Any size or combination available)


Fill out the order form & we will be in touch.

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