Mobile Marketing​

Marketing your business to mobile phone users, via SMS and MMS messages delivered directly to their device, can be a fast and effective way to grab your audience’s attention wherever they happen to be.

Whether it’s reminding them of their health fund cover expiry date or their next eye care appointment, we can help you deliver personalised, targeted messages to your customer base.


SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is a simple and cost effective way of delivering personalised text messages to your customer base.

SMS messages can range from a simple recall, reminding your customers they’re due for an eye examination, to a store sale or promotion.

We have a number of relevant templates we can customise for any campaign, along with copywriting support to help you craft the right message to your patients.

Benefits of SMS Marketing

+ Cost effective
+ Personalised messages
+ Reach your customers wherever they are
+ Clickable links to a voucher or website
+ Message Scheduling and staggered delivery over days
or weeks
+ Replies can be forwarded to email
+ Real time reporting
+ URL link tracking to see how many clicks a link receives


9c+GST (Over 1000 Msgs Per Month)
11c + GST (Under 100 Msgs Per Month)

MMS Marketing

MMS Marketing

Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) is an alternative way to send an SMS so it can include images and gif animations rather than just a click through link to an image.

Images or animations appear right underneath your written message so your visual message is front and centre, without the customer needing to click on the link to view more details about your offer or sale.

MMS also have a longer character count available to craft a more detailed message (1000 characters vs 160 characters per message for SMS) as well as including a subject line at the top of the message.
MMS campaigns are excellent for any sales or store promotions and can also be used for a brand collection to showcase to your customers, a bit like a little mini look-book animation of a selection of standout styles.

Contact us to request some MMS samples:


39c + GST

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