HOYA Lens Australia makes and supplies ophthalmic lenses to Opticians located within Australia and New Zealand.

HOYA supplies a range of high quality products, including both plastic and glass lenses. We manufacture a wide range of lenses in single vision, multi-focal and bi-focal designs, all of which are available in different materials and with different coatings and finishes, catering for a wide variety of budgets and lifestyles as well as cosmetic and comfort requirements.

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We’ve put together a suite of fantastic looking marketing material to support your practice in promoting Oliver Wolfe – designed for HOYA lenses.

Click on this link to download:

  • the frame Order Form
  • the latest images and recommended text for you to use in your practice social media channels, customer emails and website
  • and order free printed trade and consumer brochures. Simply complete the Marketing Material Order Form and then email it back to hapl_marketing@hoya.com


Oliver Wolfe frames are fashion forward and available as display stock. The frame and lenses are ordered through HOYA which ensures seamless end-to-end supply for your practice. Both the display frames and the frames later supplied fitted with HOYA lenses will be invoiced at $22 ex GST. Frames ordered without HOYA lenses are $59 ex GST.

To order your frames (minimum order quantity is 12 units) please complete the order form and
email it to hapl_central.supply@hoya.com

For more information on the Oliver Wolfe collection, please contact your HOYA Sales Consultant, local Customer Service team or call 1800 500 971.

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Sleek and contemporary with a touch of elegance – Oliver Wolfe frames are a great choice for those who desire a modern look at an affordable price. Visit us to secure yours today. She wears OW 032 C2, he wears OW 028 C1. Which will you wear?

Suggested Caption:

The Oliver Wolfe frames are stylish, comfortable and will reflect your individual personality. Pop into our store and take home your pick from this contemporary frame collection.
(He wears OW 027 C1. She wears OW 035 C2.)

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We’re excited to show off our 2022 collection of Oliver Wolfe eyewear. Whether you wear them at work or while socialising with friends, these frames will add flair to your everyday style. Check them out in our store today.
(He wears OW 031 C1. She wears OW 030 C2.)

Suggested Caption:

Are you looking for a youthful frame that is stylish, comfortable and affordable? The Oliver Wolfe collection features  versatile models , each in two colours; including male, female and unisex shapes and colours. Pop into our store and choose your fave today. (He wears OW 031 C2. She wears OW 035 C1.)

Suggested Caption:

Get ready to stand out in the crowd when you wear a frame from the striking new Oliver Wolfe 2022 frame collection, designed for HOYA lenses. There’s a stylish look to truly flatter every face. Check out this sensational range in our store now. (He wears OW 028 C2.)

Suggested Caption:

Add a touch of elegance with these new versatile frames from the 2022 Oliver Wolfe frame collection. Contemporary, comfortable and cool, they’ll complement any outfit. Come instore and ask us about this new collection today. (She wears OW 034 C2.)

Suggested Caption:

Assert your unique style with the contemporary designs from the new 2022 Oliver Wolfe eyewear collection. Check out this new stunning, modern frame collection in our store now. (She wears OW 034 C1.)

Suggested Caption:

Give yourself a youthful modern vibe with these versatile Oliver Wolfe frames, designed for HOYA lenses. They’ll reflect your unique personality and style. Check out this elegant new 2022 frame range in our store today.
(She wears OW 032 C1.)

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Sensity 2 is the newest generation of Sensity.


Close to twice as fast in fading back compared to Sensity.
Greater performance in any light, anywhere, anytime. Sensity 2 lenses darken outdoors to a Category-3 sun lens tint and become exceptionally clear indoors, no matter the climate or season. Sensity 2 is perfect for anybody with a busy lifestyle or who is sensitive to light.


Sensity 2 is available from 1 October 2020.
For further information, please contact your Hoya Sales Consultant today or free call 1800 500 971 (Australia).


HOYA has a range of print marketing material that can be ordered:

• Trade Brochures
• Fact Sheet
• DL Patient Brochures
• Product Benefit Triangles

Print material can be ordered by emailing the downloaded form.
HOYA also has a number of social media assets & suggested wording that is available to download below.


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Smiling man with shades
Smiling man with glasses
Smiling woman with glasses
Smiling woman with glasses
Smiling man with glasses
Smiling man with shades
2 person smiling

Suggested Caption 1:

The latest generation of Sensity lenses has arrived! Whether day or night, indoors or out, Sensity lenses have you covered. These new light reactive lenses from HOYA quickly change to ‘sunglass dark’ outdoors, then fade back to clear indoors almost twice as fast as before.

For more information visit bit.ly/3crZtQy

Suggested Caption 2:

Check out our new Sensity lenses. These intelligent and innovative light reactive lenses darken outdoors in all light conditions. Whether you stand directly in the sunlight or in the shade, Sensity lenses darken without you even noticing it. And, they quickly fade back to full clarity indoors almost twice as fast as before. Light sensitivity at its best!
See us for a demonstration.