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canva templates

Canva is a graphic design platform that offers social media templates for accountholders to use for their business. Canva allows for creation of brand authority, by letting you to create your own business template that features your company colour scheme and logo. This branded social media content makes you stand out from the crowd online, and promotes a true sense of professionalism. Creating your own templates can be an overwhelming and stressful task, and that’s where we come in to help.


Whats included in the package?
5 x custom designed Canva templates ready for you to add your content to that reflect your brand.


How it works?

  • We create your personalised templates & load them onto your Canva account
  • You’ll be able to access and reuse these templates time and time again by incorporating your own images


What we will need to get started?

  • A Canva account (if you would like to use a specific font you may need Canva Pro which is a paid monthly subscription.
  • A vision for your social media ie. an idea of what sort of posts you want to feature & how you want to overall present your brand – we can help you with this if you are completely new to the game.


5 x Canva templates

$150 (+GST)

mailchimp email newsletters

Email newsletters are a quick and simple way to reach out to your patients to keep them up to date with your latest practice news and services!

Email newsletters can be utilised to inform your customers of a new staff member in your practice, an upcoming sale, or even to educate them to better care for their optical health. With our email templates, all you will have to do is customise the template with fresh content each time you would like your newsletter to go out. With a template designed by us, your newsletter is guaranteed to be visually engaging and will perfectly mirror your business branding.

Whats included?
The design of a digital email template for to add your latest news and content to

What we need to get started?

  • A high resolution digital copy of your company logo
  • Any imagery or supplier logos that you would like to feature on your regular newsletter
  • Your email subscriber list


Mailchimp email newsletter template

$250 (+GST)

email signature

Ensure that your emails are getting the attention that they deserve with the inclusion of a personalised and professional email signature. Email signatures not only make you and your business stand out but they provide an insight into your overall brand. By incorporating your company logo and utilising your brands colour scheme, we can make your emails stand out from the rest. Your signature can also be linked via your email host to direct recipients to your webpage.


What’s included?
A custom designed email signature that’s ready to be added to your email software right away


What we need to get started?

  • A high resolution digital copy of your company logo
  • The details you wish for your email signature to feature


Email signatures

$100 (+GST)

gif animation

Gifs are a fun way to bring that extra polish to your digital media. Unlike a still image, Gifs include animation that can be used to enhance a still image or to replace it completely. The use of a Gif in either a message, social media post or even in-store running on a background digital display can make for a more engaging and memorable marketing tool. The moving component of a gif makes it naturally more eye-catching to your customers.


What’s included?
Up to 3 slide animation GIFs for you to utilise


What we need to get started?

  • A high resolution digital copy of your company logo
  • The details or image you would like to be morphed into an eye-catching, memorable GIF


GIF animation

$80 (+GST)

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