2O22 campaign

how to order your campaign?

Below you will find the order form to fill out and complete. There are 7 steps in total to go through to help you personalise your campaign. 

If you have any trouble filling in the form online you can also download a copy of it here or if you would prefer to place your order via email you can send it through to support@eyebenefit.com.au

starter templates

Starter templates can be found further down on this page. Please note the template number and select it in the dropdown list in the form.

Order Form

step 1
Choose a campaign type delivered to customers:
You can choose multiple options to personalise your campaign:

step 2
Choose how you would like your campaign delivered:

step 3
Choose your design from the following starter templates:

Order Form (continued...)

step 4
Promotional offer available to customers:

step 5
Add social media imagery/links or posters to your campaign:

step 6
Preferred campaign delivery date::
Once artwork is approved we will schedule in your preferred date & contact you a week prior to include your most updated marketing database you would like to target.
* Please allow min. 2 weeks from artwork approval date for approx delivery.
step 7
Campaign delivery:

starter templates

Below are the starter templates with generic wording.
We can change up each template to fit your individual needs.
Each template will be personalised to match your store branding & colours

template 1

template 2

template 3